Andrew Fitzpatrick


Tips Raised: $ 5

Buy as many “tips” as you like. Every “tip” will help Andrew become the “Top Chef” in his category and the money supports the mission of Boys & Girls Clubs of Elkhart County – Elkhart Club.

Goal: $3,500.00
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About the Chef

Andrew Fitzpatrick

My personal goal is to raise $3,500 in tips.

For the event itself, I will make my signature dessert, Mandazi. Mandazi is an African dessert that is similar to an American donut.

If you feel so compelled, click the tip button. You can tip in increments of $5.

General admission tickets can be purchased through the website at

I have selected as is sous chef, Allison Kinzer, our Elkhart Club’s 2017 Youth of the Year.

My name is Allison Kinzer and I am the current Youth of the Year of the Elkhart Teen Center. I have been an active member since 3rd grade and currently a freshman at Elkhart Memorial High School; I am a very dedicated individual. My education is highly important to me and I appreciate all subjects but physical education is my favorite. My family and basketball are also of high importance to me. Family is important to me because of my immediate family sticking together through thick and thin. With a three year long adoption process finally being complete, I can now say my grandfather, my hero, is my legal guardian. While dealing with that process, I made it a priority to be more involved with the Boys and Girls Club. Being an active member is a positive impact on my life and I cannot wait to be in the new Brady Unit, continuing my journey.

My goal at 100 Men Who Cook is to raise more than enough tips to provide the same opportunities or more, for members to create their own journey in Boys and Girls Club and receive a positive impact on their lives. Speaking for the members of the Elkhart Boys and Girls Club, we thank you in advance and your donation will be highly appreciated.